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Reviews for King Rex and the Cough Medicine Mission

Yeah!!! Book's arrived today and we're on the third reading already!! It's awesome well done. Edward's answer at the end was 'where's the next book?'

Meg H

Had the most wonderful delivery this morning which meant home school had to stop! Jack ... read the book to me with a little help and totally loved it. Feel we may be reading it every day can’t wait for the next book!!

Becki B

Love our book!! We’re reading it at bedtime tonight.

Avronne B

I've got MY copy of 'King Rex', have you got YOURS? It's funny, well paced, and a lot of fun. I've no idea what the kids think of it, they're asleep, but I'm feeling it.

Steve N

Received our book today Chris! Thank you! We read it to George at bedtime! It's fab!

Chloe G

It's Roarsome!

Jon T

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