King Rex and the Knights of Sauria

The book I wanted to read to my children

I'd started drawing for fun again, with no pressure, deadlines or expectations. I wanted to draw a story for my kids, the sort of story I wasn't seeing for their age: adventure, action, silliness, heroes, villains, and a plot where you could never tell what was going to happen next.

I started sketching out characters, settings, choosing names. A story took shape, surprising me with each page I drew. It was great fun, and what creativity should be. 

Fortunately they loved it. I had an inkling others would too. So I brought the handcrafted pages into the computer, tidied them up, and here's the result. Hope you enjoy it!


King Rex and the Cough Medicine Mission

Baby Rexington has a cough - which sends King Rex on an unlikely quest in the middle of the night to find some unexpectedly elusive cough medicine (we've all been there). But he's not the only one, and it will take the help of his daughter, Princess Daisy, and his two right-hand Knights, Mike and Bert, to get to the bottom of the mystery, save the day, and help Rexington (and everyone else) get a good night of much-needed sleep.