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King Rex and the Cough Medicine Mission

King Rex and the Cough Medicine Mission


Book 1 of The Knights of Sauria!


A cry echoes in the night ...


King Rex's son needs some cough medicine, but the castle's run out!


So Rex, daughter Daisy, and Mike and Bert - two of his best knights - embark on a perilous midnight mission to find some.


So begins a thrilling tale of adventure, knights, dinosaurs, silliness, mystery, some villainous villains up to some nefarious plot, and the lengths parents go to for their children. 


And a really fast Zebra.


Be there for the start of King Rex's adventures, with this premium printed copy of the first edition. 


'This book is wonderful, Jack absolutely loves it! Highly recommended' – Becki B


'I've got MY copy of 'King Rex', have you got YOURS? It's funny, well paced, and a lot of fun. I've no idea what the kids think of it, they're asleep, but I'm feeling it.' - Steve N


Full colour

34 pages

Soft cover

19 x 25cm


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